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What Is The Deal Here?

I am a professional freelance writer.  I am the co-founder of Arctic Llama, a Denver, CO based small business and professional writing firm.  I have two adgendas for this site.  The first, is to give any “fans” or supporters I have a way to find and read all of my latest stuff without having to follow me on Twitter or scroll through my Facebook profile.

Or, to put it another way, it is a place where I can send all of those friends and family members who are starting to realize that this is my real job and that I actually make a living working from home as a writer when they ask me:

  • “What kind of stuff do you write?”
  • “Who do you write for?”
  • “Where is your stuff published?”
  • And so on…

It is actually very interesting.  A year ago, everyone kind of nodded and said something like, “Oh, that’s cool,” when I told them I owned my own professional writing business.  I guess they all kind of figured it would not work out or that I would get tired of it, or whatever.  Now, that some time has passed and it is becoming apparent that I have been pretty successful and have no interest in returning to a “normal” job, people are actually interested in what it is exactly that I can do.

Of course, as a freelancer it is a little hard to just point someone to a single repository of writing since I write for clients all over the place as well as do some writing for myself.  This site will help provide that one place where they can check out what I do without the “pro” tone that they’ll find at my freelance business writing samples page.  And, it gives me a place to talk about my writing in a more informal manner.

If you’ve found A Freelancer’s Writing by some means other than as a friend, family member, or colleague, then welcome.  I hope you find what is here interesting and I encourage you to drop by frequently.  I write all manner of stuff and some of it is pretty interesting (some of it is mind numbingly boring too), so it could be fun.

Either way, welcome, and please enjoy whatever you find.

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