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Holiday Writing and Freelancer Vacations

Whew! Finally made it through the holidays.

As a freelancer, taking vacations can be pretty tough. You never know when I client is going to need a can’t wait, must be perfect, please, please, please, project done. However, chances are good that at least one of those will pop up during a long-planned vacation for some much-needed family time. The main exception to this semi-Murphy’s Law of professional freelance writers vacations is the time between the Thanksgiving Holiday and New Year’s Day. This stretch of time offers the freelancer a “Get out of work free,” card.

Businesses around the globe become a little bit softer about things like deadlines, contracts, and projects during the holiday season. That is because everyone else is already doing the same thing. After all, even the biggest company isn’t interested in pushing through a new, highly technical contract while their top tech contract reviewer is on a beach in Cabo.

However, this year, I may have gone a little bit too far. Having scheduled trips to visit both sides of the family out-of-state, plus a fun and relaxing vacation for the family, plus some planned “downtime” to just spend at home and both have fun and work on some household projects, there wasn’t really much room for error. Unfortunately, there was plenty of error in the form of colds going around all the family members and a baby whose colic got worse just when we had to move him out of his baby swing to sleep overnight.

Add it all up, and this freelancer is behind, WAY BEHIND for January.

The good news is that I did get some great ideas for new articles for both my own projects and for my clients as well. First up, a series for my website about parenting skills about babies and sleep. After reading through seemingly dozens of parenting books and books about getting a baby to fall asleep, I noticed that there is a BIG gap in some of the information out there. After all, not every time a baby needs to sleep is when they are going to be put down to sleep overnight. There are naps and middle of the night wakings too. Just saying that they will go away is not helpful to stressed out parents, whether they be new first-time parents, or experienced parents with a new baby.

Also, I’m looking at starting up some new websites thanks to some information I learned over the holidays. An all night reading of a certain website over Christmas weekend was particularly enlightening. Having done some further research and experiments to confirm what I read, there could be some great things in store for the professional writers at ArcticLlama, LLC this year.

Hope everyone had a great holiday! Now, get back to work 🙂

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