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Google Voice Review What Does Google Voice Do For You

Looks like Google Voice is FINALLY coming out of its exile in the land of eternal beta at the Googleplex. As of today, new users can sign up for Google Voice without having to put their name on a waiting list first, or beg someone for an invite.

Google Voice is a free service from the Big G that allows you to better manage your phone by enabling things that should have been offered for free by the major phone companies for years! Except, most of those things are ways to control who calls you and when they can call, which is not good news for companies that make tons of money connecting telemarketers long-distance and selling phone number lists to whoever wants to pay.

Fortunately, with Google Voice, you can now make your phone not ring after a certain time of day, or only allow friends and family to call after business hours. The boss gets voicemail if he calls at 6:30 PM.

Google Voice Review What Does Google Voice Do For You

Check it out. I’m sure that you will find Google Voice a powerful tool to help better manage not only your phone bill and family time, but for better time management overall.

While you are at it, check out Google Docs as a way to show friends or clients a rough sketch of what you are thinking about. Set up the presentation or document prior to calling and then nonchalantly say, “Can you get on the Internet?” Then show them what you got.

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