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Home Theater TV Cable Articles

Home theater equipment is one of those things that you either “get” or you don’t. Some people can’t imagine why anyone would pay hundreds or thousands of dollars just to create surround sound, while others can imagine why anyone who could afford it would sit in front of a 20″ television with rabbit ears when they could be watching a 65″ Sony Bravia LCD television screen with full surround sound.

As a professional freelance writer I often tell new entrepreneurs just starting a freelance writing business to write what you know. For me, writing about home theater equipment reviews is an example of expanding upon writing what you know and moving on to writing about what you love.

You see, I have some nice home theater equipment, but obviously, there is a point where you don’t really purchase new things like Sony Wireless home theater speakers when you already have your own home theater wired up and running. On the one hand, that means that I can’t literally write a review of a Sony wireless home theater system like the ones created using Sony’s S-Air product. On the other hand, I know plenty about home theater systems in general thanks to researching high-quality home theater equipment with a good value price when buying my stuff, as well as just understanding the technology of electronics. Stuff like knowing if my reciever will handle 4 ohm speakers helps me be able to read between the lines on both manufacturer specifications and electronics reviews. That means an informed review of new home theater equipment is just a demo away.

To take it another step further, a freelance technology writer has to be good at filling in the blanks and being able to point out the pros and cons of some gadgets and other equipment just from what you can see on paper. Of course, I never represent that I have personal experience with something I have not actually seen in person.

In the end, writing is about communicating what you know, not about communicating everything there is to know. There is always room for another writer or technologist to fill in the gaps that may have been overlooked by me or another writer.

So, check out some of these home theater receivers and big screen televisions I have posted about and have a fun time putting together your own surround sound system and home theater setup.

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