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Photography Tips and Articles

I write for a few different digital photography and desktop publishing websites and resources. Most of the time they go into the rabbit hole of no byline writing in marketing materials.  However, I do write for a website that has a nice digital photography channel and thought I would share some of my photo articles and advice tips here.

First up, is photography settings basics and more that is a nice linking article to a lot of other digital photography information. A while back I wrote some other articles about digital camera settings including this one about shutter priority mode and this one about portrait photography techniques.

There is plenty of other good stuff about photography techniques and picture taking tips. I like to focus on digital photography because I never really got good at taking pictures until after I got a nice Canon digital SLR that finally let me not only use all of the camera settings, but allowed me to take enough pictures to really learn about photography.

Of course, few things taught me more about photography than building a home photography studio and using a simplified portrait lighting setup to take beautiful pictures of people with a digital camera.

On the more technical side and with a slight legal twist, I also researched and wrote about how to copyright a photograph. As it turns out, the answer is pretty straightforward. Your photos are copyrighted the moment you take them. Of course, how you protect that copyright and whether or not you can collect reasonable damages if copyright infringement ever occurs, is a different matter.

I have tons of other photography articles published there with plenty of useful photography tips and advice. Just click on one of the links above and check it out.  Then, click my name if you like and see what else I have written up.

And, of course, as always, you can check out my professional freelance writing website which is the home of my own freelance writing business.

Have fun out there taking pictures, or reading new stuff. Either way, your life will be richer and fuller.



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