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Banned in the USA, I Was Banned…

O.K., not really, but I was banned from WordPress.com.

Somehow, my account and several of my WordPress.com blogs got flagged as violating the TOS. All of my blogs are super innocuous. In fact, most of them are more neglected than anything. They all do, however, link to my other websites, and I’m guessing they do it just enough to trigger some anti-link scheme filter or something. The irony is that the sites they link to are much bigger, higher ranked, and so on, so there wouldn’t be TOO much value in it.

I sent in a help request about my account being shut off and they turned it back on.

That let me log in where I saw that several of my blogs were shut down. I’m assuming that too many bad blogs = disabled author account.

Getting those turned back on was a little easier. Each Dashboard had a link pointing me where to notify “the authorities.”

Everything is back on now. I won’t link anything from this post, just to be safe, but hopefully, I’m back in the clear for now.

Hopefully, my poor WordPress.com blogs won’t be so neglected from now on either 🙂

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