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Can’t Pinterest My Articles

I’ve heard of Pinterest. I mean, who hasn’t.

However, I’m a busy sort, what with being a work at home dad, a professional freelance writer, a web developer, and so on. So, when I first visited Pinterest, I took a look, decided it wasn’t really for me and moved on.

Help me pin thisLater, I decided that I might like Pinterest. I liked the idea of visual bookmarks, even if saving magazine pages of wedding dresses and floral arrangement isn’t for me. However, I seemed to have an intermittant error where sometimes, when I tried to save, or pin, stuff to pinterest it would work.

Yes, I’m on Pinterest. Here’s a list of everywhere (mostly) I am.

Why Can’t I Pin This?

I wondered if there were some permissions things, or other stuff that maybe I wasn’t getting right, so I tried to pin some stuff from my own blog posts. That only worked sometimes too.

So, why won’t pinning to pinterest work all the time?

It turns out that as an image focused social media site, Pinterest requires an image to pin something.

I knew this.

What I didn’t know what that the image had to be a certain size. The real catch is that it won’t go get the bigger version of a thumbnail in order to pin it. In other words, if you have a really great 500 x 300 image but you post with a 100 x 33 (or whatever, I’m not doing math this early in the morning) thumbnail, it won’t pin that article or that image.

So, if you want to be able to pin your articles, or more importantly, if you want other people to be able to pin your articles to Pinterest for you, you have to use big enough images. Make sure your thumbnails aren’t too small and if your bandwidth isn’t a problem consider just using the bigger images inline to give your readers one more place to link you online.

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