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When it comes to building an empire of your own websites and blogs as a writer, it can be easy to lose track of where you should be spending most of your writing effort, and where you should be letting the quality articles and top posts you have already created ride. For me, that means overwriting on the blogs where I have not only a passion for the topic, but feel compelled to comment on current events or reply to the analysis of others that I either agree or disagree with. That means my personal finance blog gets lots of attention on some occasions, particularly when the mainstream media seem to all be parroting the same finance half-truths, or outright investor baloney.

My parenting skills blog which I intended to be a resource for all parents, but with the parenting tips from a dad instead of a mom, like most blogs, or a doctor, like most books. Not long ago, it got lots of attention, when I felt compelled to share wonderful parenting moments that exemplified the great things about being a dad in the form of advice or suggestions for having fun with your kids.

Then, I joined a bunch of social networking websites as a way to market and network my writing business. Ironically, I ended up linking back up with old friends, and connecting with family members more than I ever had before. That means that now when I have a cute parenting moment where my baby does something wonderful, or my daughter says something amazing, I end up with a short post on my Brian Nelson writer Facebook account instead of  with a new post on my dad blog.

In between are the blogs that get just the right amount of attention, such as my freelance writing blog, which is both a way to network with other professional writers and way to provide freelance writing advice to new freelancers, as well as a way to help promote my freelance writing business and keep my website loaded up with plenty of Page Rank and link juice to spread around to my other efforts when necessary.

My professional writer’s tips for making money online blog comes in at just a hair under the right amount of attention. That often occurs because as I write out a post intended as a way to show people how to earn money from home by writing online ends up being a better post about how to build up a home business as a freelance writer.

After that, come my various niche blogs and micro-niche websites that are either hobbies, experiments, or big money makers in development. As a successful adult with ADD, new things tend to get most of my natural attention, while I need to muster up some big willpower to crack open my ADD planner and do the to-do list items that I need to be doing instead of the ones that just pop up first into my head. Those are inevitably the ones I want to be doing.

Life is good when what I want to be doing matches up exactly with what I should be doing, but waiting for that to happen means not earning enough money as a writer to do it full-time.

So, without further ado, here are my “current” online publishing venues, be they WordPress blog, straight websites, micro-blog, Blogger site, article publishing websites, or Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and other networking or social bookmarking websites.

Some great links for writers, technology buffs, and advice for parents, and money tips.

  1. Freelance Writing Business – My freelance writing business website for Arctic Llama, LLC in Denver, Colorado.
  2. Personal Finance Advice and Money Tips – As a former CFP and financial planner, I have a lot of experience and knowledge in the world of personal finance, banking, savings, investing, credit cards, loans, and making money. I have both a blog (this link) for things that pop into my head and for current financial news, and a “standard” website with typical pages and links for more of an encyclopedia of insider financial tips.
  3. Make Money Writing Online – Collection of resources and advice for writers looking to earn money writing and building passive writing income. Focuses on how writers can make money online rather than the more generalized guides to making money online that often involve tricks to get around writing. As writers, this advice is probably counterproductive.
  4. Parenting Tips from Dad – A dad writes about the various parenting skills and tips for raising children who are smart, fun, confident, and at least a little bit of a chip off the old block.
  5. ADHD Tools ADD Tips Advice – Tips, tricks, advice, and tools for ADHD. Whether an adult with ADD or a child with ADHD, Addessories are designed to make living with ADD easier, and more fun. Going beyond the standard, boiler plate advice and tips often found in ADD books, Addessories real world tools for managing ADHD and the quirks that arise from ADD symptoms are a refreshing change of pace.
  6. Strategy Time Management Organization Improvement Tips – All this and more from the blog that catches everything that pours out of my brain that seems worthy and useful. From computer tips, to troubleshooting printer drivers in Windows 7, to pointing out flaws in the business strategies being used by Fortune 500 companies, or strategic business decisions made by entrepreneurs running a small business or a work from home business out of a home office, Best Hubris delivers quality advice and stinging criticism that can provide everyone an opportunity for improvement.
  7. Understanding Finance Banking Loans Investing and more – Providing an education like those found in large hardback books with titles like “MBA in a Book”, Finance Gourmet goes a step further by providing a glimpse into the mind of former Certified Financial Planner, or CFP. Finance Gourmet tells it like it is by providing how-to money guides, and insider knowledge of investing, finance, and more, without the hidden shield that prevents currently licensed financial advisors and financial planners from speaking the whole truth to their clients.
  8. Understanding Professional Freelance Writers – An inside look at freelance writing, the people who are freelancers, and the businesses that are a freelance writer’s clients. If you have ever wondered what it would be like to be a freelance writer, or if you have ever wondered how to hire a freelance writer or what it is like working with a freelance writer, this blog is for you.
  9. Freelancer Bookmarks and Resources – My social bookmarks with useful tips, resources, and interesting reading for freelance writers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners. (And, also people who live or visit Denver.)
  10. Writing On HubPages for Money and Networking – HubPages is an online publishing website that allows writers to publish community moderated content in a fast, free-flowing, environment. This is my Hub Llama pseudonym at work.

I’ve got more, lots more, but I’m up over a thousand words and it seems like the Big G likes webpages that stay close to that limit, so I’ll save the others for a later Freelancers Writings update.

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