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Well, that was fast. Sort of.

It seems that today, just three short days after deciding to get myself ranking higher for my own name, my website comes back as the #1 Google search result if you search for brian e nelson in quotes. Things haven’t changed much in searches for brian nelson or, ironically, in searches for brian e nelson without the quotes.

I do my searches inside of an Incognito privacy mode on Google Chrome in order to remove the “personalization” factor in Google’s search result rankings. I can’t help but wonder if that isn’t enough. I think I’ll try again with a blank profile later this week when I set up my freelance writing office in a Starbucks. Interestingly, enough, the same search brings back this website and my last post about Brian E Nelson the writer and how I would be using things, like this blog to get myself up higher in searches for my own name. That shows just how meaningless this particular feat is. Without trying to link here (other than the existing links to the homepage) that post ended up #8.

Of course, that means that no one else is trying to rank for this particular “keyword”. That makes sense considering that there is no real value in it, which is why I never tried before either. As vanity projects go, I’ve seen much worse. Besides, there is always the possibility that someday I will take to someone about what I do for a living. (I’m a freelance writer.) I will tell them my name, of course, because that is how you introduce yourself to someone. And, I will also tell them the name of my writing business, because after name, where you live, and how you know the host, the next small talk items on the standard conversation checklist is, “What do you do?”

Some time will pass and there will be a need in that person’s sphere of influence for a professional freelancing writer and he’ll remember my name. Or, more likely, he’ll ask the host. I’ve got kind of an easy to describe physical build, so this happens a lot to me. (“He was the tall guy with…”) He’ll also remember that I had a funny and/or clever business name. Something about snow and an animal, but it won’t be close enough to get him to me in a search. (My business is called Arctic Llama.) So, he’ll get my name from the host or the name of someone who knows me well enough to know my last name, and he’ll type in Brian Nelson.

He’ll know it is a wild goose chase, but he’ll try it out just in case. And, there, on the first page of Google search for brian nelson will be Brian E Nelson professional writer in one form or another. He’ll think, “That must be him,” and a few clicks later he’ll be at one of my websites with a link to my writing business, or maybe he’ll go straight to my freelance financial writer page or to my freelance writing samples.

Either way, he’ll have a name and number, I’ll have a new writing gig, and this whole excercise will turn out to be a worthy one after all.

I’ll keep you posted.


Brian E Nelson Freelance Writer

May 9, 2010 1 comment

When you start a freelance writing business there are a lot of things that need to be done. A business plan for freelance writing is a good start. You also need to setup a lot of business things like a business phone number, Internet access, business email accounts, and so on. Sooner or later, you probably want to setup a business website and maybe even a business blog.

Brian Nelson

Brian E Nelson website

My professional freelance writing business has been doing well for a few years and I have done all of those things and more. The freelance writing blog at ArcticLlama does well enough for generating traffic and ranking for a smattering of terms about the business of writing. The main business website also does its job and from time to time I pick up new writing gigs from the contact us email address on the site.

I have also carefully constructed various freelance writing profiles and social networks. I’ve got profile son LinkedIn and Facebook and so on. I have special webpages dedicated to parts of my writing business, like the ones about freelance financial writer and the one for freelance technology writer and so on.

While I was creating this online persona and building the brand for my writing business, I never really cared about one thing, where I rank for my own name.

In a very real way, it really doesn’t matter. The odds of me getting a job based on someone searching for freelance writing professional is much higher than based on someone searching for Brian Nelson. On the other hand, it just doesn’t really seem right that while ArcticLlama holds its own and while my various writing bios from sites that I write for do fine, that me, myself and I should languish in the depths of 5th or 6th page search results.

Of course, that wouldn’t even be a little bit true if it were not for the fact that I also know a little something about publishing online and how to get the posts and articles and features that I write found, indexed, and yes, ranked.Things like little inconsequential (but longer than the five hundred words that supposedly conveys seriousness to a web page) posts like this one.

So, yesterday, I decided to do something about it. First, I, Brian E. Nelson, took the domain which I had registered long ago, but never used for anything other than testing things out, and I threw up a quick mini card WordPress template with links to my other profiles and personas out there on the Internet. I then went ahead and setup the most basic of linking to the domain with the anchor text of “brian nelson” and “brian e nelson”. Obviously, nothing has happened in 48 hours, but I’m betting that by month end, there is a substantial change in how my name shows up when people (me) look for it.

It might not be worth much. In fact, it may be nothing more than an exercise in vanity. Then again, maybe someday someone will be looking for me by name and they will find me. If not, well then at least I can show that when I want to rank, I can.

I’ll check back in with an update later.