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Best Chicago Pizza Article

September 10, 2009 Leave a comment

I recently joined HubPages to see if it is worth it as a means for both help building links as well as another venue to publish some writings.  Another HubPages member suggested that making money via AdSense was not very legit.  I wrote about the Best Chicago Pizza for a demonstration as a way to possibly take one of the hubs that he already has and leverage into one that can actually make some money on AdSense.

The point of a professional writer joining and writing about things like Chicago Style Deep Dish pizza and other restaurant related things is to both write about some topics that may not come along as paying gigs, but that could still be fun.

Things like restaraunt reviews get published in newspapers, on websites, and in guides like Zagat or Frommers. On the other hand, a look a certain kind of cuisine whether from a historical perspective or from a gourmet foodie perspective, is the kind of thing that isn’t likely to yield a paying assignment.

Rather, the best option is some sort of revenue sharing or advertising arrangement that may or may not lead to profitability.

Food Lovers and Pizza Lovers

If you tell people what you are going to do, can you still do it. Making reservations at a world famous pizza restaraunt does not preclude your ability to eat amazing deep dish pizza, but does laying out your plan to rank and gather revenue from your article about the various types of pizza mean that it can no longer be done?

What if someone swoops in with a thin crust alternative? Not that floppy New York style pizza crust that you have to fold in half in order to eat it without a fork, but rather the best Chicago pizza of the thin crust family?

Chicago style thin crust pizza is crispy and weight-bearing, so folding is not only unnecessary, it is also not possible. The thin cracker like crust would snap like a big cracker loaded with pizza sauce, and toppings like pepperoni, sausage, onions, and green peppers.

Even more challenging, how does one author a post that gives off the air of being related to restaraunts, pasta, and pizzas while still letting readers know exactly what is going on. Hopefully, this is a top-notch example!

Delivery is another important factor for many when it comes to ordering Italian food and pizza in particular. If other words comes to mind, they could be incorporated as well in order to kick it up a notch.

Top chefs like Emeril, don’t really open pizza restaraunts, but that doesn’t mean they can’t. Imagine a crawfish pizza or just a nice spicy jambalya pizza. I’m sure a famous celebrity chef like Emeril could create an amazing pizza creation like that.

In the end which pizzeria gets the most love depends upon a lot of personal factors, but linking up with your friends and family via social networking and blogs could give anyone, human or not, the kind of incentive to take your pizza opinions and elevate them higher and higher up the charts until finally, what you say, is gold.

Or at least a couple dozen bucks each month.

What do you think?

Did I pull it off, or do you think the great and powerful G-men or their robot minions will smell out what is going on?

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