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Investor Relations and Twitter

August 4, 2009 Leave a comment

I’m writing a series that I’m particularly proud of over at the Investor Relations blog of Corporate Eye (  It’s about Investor Relations and Twitter.  To a lessor extent, it also applies to other social networking or social marketing, depending upon who you ask.

What I’m particularly proud of is that this series goes beyond the cursory thumbnail sketch that seems to be the only kind of information out there when it comes to investor relations, or IR, and Twitter.  While researching the subject of IR and social media websites, I noticed that there only tends to be two types of information.

One is about how amazing Twitter is and how investor relations is missing out if they don’t rush out and start posting tweets right away.

The other is about how fraught with legal peril Twitter is and that companies should be very, very, careful about exactly what they let get posted on Twitter and keep a very tight grip on those that tweet at all about anything company related.  Even the Wall Street Journal could barely get out the words about which companies are using Twitter before they jumped into legal ramifications.

Neither one seems to capture the reality of the situation, which is why I’m glad I got a chance to write up a more detailed series of articles about exactly what the regulatory situation is when it comes to Twitter and social media, and also a real look at how to capitalize on Twitter’s potential benefits for investor relations without setting off a wave of lawsuits.

The first two pieces are up now and the third has been submitted for review.  The next pieces are on their way soon (they’re already outlined), so take a look or just grab the RSS feed for the Investor Relations blog on Corporate Eye.