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Can’t Pinterest My Articles

I’ve heard of Pinterest. I mean, who hasn’t.

However, I’m a busy sort, what with being a work at home dad, a professional freelance writer, a web developer, and so on. So, when I first visited Pinterest, I took a look, decided it wasn’t really for me and moved on.

Help me pin thisLater, I decided that I might like Pinterest. I liked the idea of visual bookmarks, even if saving magazine pages of wedding dresses and floral arrangement isn’t for me. However, I seemed to have an intermittant error where sometimes, when I tried to save, or pin, stuff to pinterest it would work.

Yes, I’m on Pinterest. Here’s a list of everywhere (mostly) I am.

Why Can’t I Pin This?

I wondered if there were some permissions things, or other stuff that maybe I wasn’t getting right, so I tried to pin some stuff from my own blog posts. That only worked sometimes too.

So, why won’t pinning to pinterest work all the time?

It turns out that as an image focused social media site, Pinterest requires an image to pin something.

I knew this.

What I didn’t know what that the image had to be a certain size. The real catch is that it won’t go get the bigger version of a thumbnail in order to pin it. In other words, if you have a really great 500 x 300 image but you post with a 100 x 33 (or whatever, I’m not doing math this early in the morning) thumbnail, it won’t pin that article or that image.

So, if you want to be able to pin your articles, or more importantly, if you want other people to be able to pin your articles to Pinterest for you, you have to use big enough images. Make sure your thumbnails aren’t too small and if your bandwidth isn’t a problem consider just using the bigger images inline to give your readers one more place to link you online.


Online Writing Resources and Bookmarks

October 6, 2010 Leave a comment

Found a new bookmarking service I like that I’m trying out for writing resources, freelancer bookmarks, and so on.

Starting out with my own freelance published writings and websites, of course.

Google Voice Review What Does Google Voice Do For You

Looks like Google Voice is FINALLY coming out of its exile in the land of eternal beta at the Googleplex. As of today, new users can sign up for Google Voice without having to put their name on a waiting list first, or beg someone for an invite.

Google Voice is a free service from the Big G that allows you to better manage your phone by enabling things that should have been offered for free by the major phone companies for years! Except, most of those things are ways to control who calls you and when they can call, which is not good news for companies that make tons of money connecting telemarketers long-distance and selling phone number lists to whoever wants to pay.

Fortunately, with Google Voice, you can now make your phone not ring after a certain time of day, or only allow friends and family to call after business hours. The boss gets voicemail if he calls at 6:30 PM.

Google Voice Review What Does Google Voice Do For You

Check it out. I’m sure that you will find Google Voice a powerful tool to help better manage not only your phone bill and family time, but for better time management overall.

While you are at it, check out Google Docs as a way to show friends or clients a rough sketch of what you are thinking about. Set up the presentation or document prior to calling and then nonchalantly say, “Can you get on the Internet?” Then show them what you got.

Best Online Writing and Research Tools

If you are reading this, you are here too early 🙂

No, seriously.

I have an extraordinary list of bookmarks, tools, online services, web apps, bookmarklets, writing websites, research sites, plug-ins, utilities, applications, and (whew!) much more that make the life of the professional writer much easier. Unfortunately, a lot of it is on pieces of paper, or text files, or notes, or – more recently – in Microsoft Office OneNote 2010. Of course, many more are buried in the bookmarks of the four different browsers I use on a daily basis. Plus the top writing help sites and writing tools on the Internet which have special homes on my Speed Dial Groups (Firefox) and also on my Morning Coffee for Chrome and Morning Coffee for Firefox setups. I fired up this post to explain what was going to happen here: I am going to write some posts or pages with lists of tools professional writers use for productivity or research, as well as to get a start on that list by having a place to “dump” the ones that come to me on a onesie-twosie basis.

Some of the electronic writing gadgets, online writing tools, and software applications for writing I use have become so second nature to me that I forget that they are stand-alone apps and services that writers can use to improve writing quality and profitability. I wanted a place to be able to jot them down without them getting lost in my online writing bookmarks at Delicious or the like.

Best Writing Plugins For Firefox – Best Writing Extensions for Chrome

If you are unfamiliar with the latter two browser extensions, then consider this your reward for reading this far even though I told you at the beginning that you were too early to get the actual list of killer writing resources and best writer tools and software.

Speed Dial is a plugin for Mozilla Firefox that allows you to create a speed dial similar to the one in Opera and Google Chrome. The difference is that unlike Chrome, Speed Dial lets you manually set which websites get to be on the speed dial and in what order they are displayed. Furthermore, the Speed Dial plug-in for Firefox lets you create more than one speed dial. These are called Dial Groups and they appear as tabs across the top of the speed dials. This lets you configure workflow based speed dials, or dials for other purposes. For example, you could make a dial group for games with your top 9 gaming websites and another dial group for finding freelance writing gigs with your top 9 freelancing websites. Even better, you can change the default layout from a 3 x 3 layout to a 4 x 4 or even 6 x 8 or whatever you like. This is a huge bonus for those of use with big widescreen monitors that can clearly display a dozen or more top writing websites.

Morning Coffee extension for Chrome or the Morning Coffee plugin for Firefox offer a similar functionality as Speed Dial, but are designed instead to be configured not as a screen where you can select the one website you need to find and open, but rather as a way to open all of the websites you need for a particular function at once.

For example, if you search for writing jobs on the job boards on Tuesday mornings, you could setup a “Tuesday” Morning Coffee session that opens five or ten or twenty writing gig websites all at once. Then, if on Wednesdays you read a bunch of technology websites to stay on top of technology news in your capacity as a freelance technology writer, you can set a Wednesday Morning Coffee session to open a dozen tech review websites.

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Testing post from HootSuite.

Testing post from HootSuite.