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Google Chrome Incognito Checks How Your Site Looks to Others

September 8, 2009 Leave a comment

There are a lot of online services and programs out there that will show you what your websites look like to other people, particularly when your site looks different to you because you are logged in as an administrator.

check-sites-incognito-snapshots-graphicFor example, when I log into, I am also logged into my blogs as the admin. That means that my site displays a bunch of extra things like Edit links and so on that might not be seen by the average user.  There are also occasionally things that appear on your own websites to regular users that might not really show up to you, either because you are an administrator or because you have installed ad-blocking software, or disabled JavaScript via your browser options or the No Script plug-in.

Using Google Chrome in Incognito mode is a fast and easy way to see what your website looks like to John Q. Public. Sure, you could configure another profile in a web browser, or use the Privacy modes in Firefox or Internet Explorer 8, but none of those are as fast or as easy as just firing up Chrome and opening an Incognito window. Best of all, you can keep doing what you were doing in your other programs instead of having to switch to another profile or have all of your other open windows and tabs disappear when you enter Private Browsing mode.

The reason this is important is because the user experience on your websites is often just as important as the content you have worked hard to write. Content is king, but experience can make people hate the king.

I bring this all up because in my regular default browser, Firefox, I have ad blocking software and the NoScript plug-in.  When I think about it, I disable them for my own sites so I can see what is happening, but sometimes that just falls through the cracks. So, I had no idea that here on A Freelancer’s Writings that there is something called Snap Shots running, nor that it has trouble rendering those snapshots for some of my websites, like

Running an Incognito Window inside of Google Chrome let me see these issues, which were previously unknown by me, thanks to JavaScript being blocked in my usual browser. When I checked my posts to make sure they looked OK, they looked fine. Now, I think I will see if I can get rid of SnapShots, since it is exactly the kind of thing that irritates me when I am reading other websites. If it bugs me, it probably annoys some of my readers.

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