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Still a Spammer?

December 11, 2009 Leave a comment

I can’t help but wondering if I am still considered a spammer.

Truthfully, I’ve never spammed anything in my life, unless you count accidentally hitting the reply to all button instead of just the reply button. But, for some reason the WordPress plug-in Akismet algoritm started flagging the links I made to my other websites as spam right from the beginning.

It isn’t really a big deal, but I am curious what caused it. Did I make too many links too soon? If so, what is the going rate on over-linking? Are 30 links in 30 posts too many? 10 posts? 1 post? What if they were links to places like or, surely I can’t be accused of trying to link-bomb the definitive resources on money management, investing, and finance can I?

I actually abandoned this little project for a while out of dismay. After all, who wants to build up a spammer’s website? But, I figure if I keep adding some decent posts and the content that I create here is both quality and usable, then maybe, just maybe, the good folks at Akismet will change their minds.

If not, it isn’t really that big of a deal since the vast majority of the links from here go either to my own websites, or to websites of my clients, who are typically only too happy to get free backlinks from their writers. Of course, since this is more of a personal writer’s blog as opposed to a business resource, I don’t exactly blab about it to my business contacts. For all I know, they are deleting my pings or trackbacks, or pingback trackbackings or whatever they are called when I link to my articles that I have written for their websites.

Maybe someday I’ll got through the hoops of checking to see if my links appear anywhere. In the meantime, I’ll just keep writing and wait for the day that I see a trackback from A Freelancer’s Writing Published pointing to one of my websites without the black mark of spam draped across it.