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Denver Freelance Financial Writer Makes Money Writing Online

April 23, 2010 Leave a comment

denver freelance financial writer graphicHah! How is that title for some S * E * O * action? (I have this new theory that there may be a function within the seek and find company’s programming that detects certain phrases, like the one I put the * in and adjusts them accordingly. It is probably nothing, but for now, I’m testing it out.)

As a freelance financial writer, I get a lot of opportunities to write about money. As you can imagine, a lot of those freelance writing gigs revolve around the same kinds of topics. Writing about personal finance tips and financial information these days means writing a lot about things like the economy, mortgages, credit repair, bankruptcy, and so on. Also, the latest investing fad, FOREX investing, is a hot topic, although I don’t write anything about that. Not only is it extremely risky, but the so-called advice and strategies it is based on are half-baked at best. Think day trading (the last investing fad) or fix-and-flip real estate investing (the most recent fad) and you get the idea.

Ironically, solid, unbiased, financial advice and tips are in much less demand. Understanding how to maximize your online banking, or the outlook for bonds in 2010, or money market accounts is a snooze-fest for most clients. Even more closely related topics like credit card reward programs, which can be part of a savvy personal financial strategy, don’t draw as much interest as the “hot” topics. It seems that with the credit markets drying up, and Congress stepping in with new laws on credit card company’s worst money making (abusive) practices, that not everyone can get any credit card they want with bad credit anymore. I guess there isn’t much money to be made in the “elitist” market segment of people who have good credit and use it responsibly.

Even my latest about legit work at home jobs isn’t a high buzz article.

The demand for high-quality writing on topics like good financial advice, good writing advice, and good parenting skills for dads and moms has always been rather muted. However, when those jobs do come along they are some of the highest-paid freelance writing gigs, because if you are going to stand behind advice about money or parenting with your company’s hard earned reputation, you better make sure it is solid and well-researched, not just “hot.”

To stay ready for when those opportunities come along, and to have clips, one of the universal freelance writer needs, that don’t get lost in a website redesign, I write some of the best financial planner advice I ever gave (or wanted to give) while I was working as a financial advisor. As a Certified Financial Advisor, or CFP, I got a look at what a lot of people think is good financial advice and I would have to say that there is a very big need for quality, impartial, financial advice, even if there isn’t a very big demand for it.